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Founded in 1933, the Tallahassee Historical Society, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) organization that welcomes individuals who enjoy learning about and sharing state and local history. Evening meetings on the second Thursday from October to April offer programs by experts on topics ranging from history and culture to architecture, archeology, and preservation. In May, members gather for a festive picnic. The society also schedules daytime lectures and partners with other organizations to present special events. Every activity features stimulating conversation and rewarding fellowship.


The THS website contains an assortment of information about our organization, meeting information, local activities and events of a historic nature, announcements, and research interests of members. It includes a short history of our society and the location of our archives. We are actively involved in partner relationships, referrals and maintain contact information to other organizations with similar goals in preservation and sharing of historical information.

If you have any questions, check our organization’s FAQ.

If you are interested in history, please join us.

David Lang, Jr.
President, 2014-2016
Tallahassee Historical Society

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To foster a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the history of Tallahassee, Leon County, and surrounding areas.

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Our Next Meeting – May 9

Featured Speaker: Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey

It has been a momentous season for the Tallahassee Historical Society.  I’ve had a lot of fun this year.   I hope you, as members, have too.

So now it’s time for our last meeting of the season, Thursday night, May 9. The May meeting is always special, and I think this one will be too.  We usually make our Christmas meeting a “potluck” meeting where you, the members and your guests, bring sumptuous foods for our enjoyment.  The May meeting is usually an old-fashioned Florida barbecue.  Well, this year your president messed up and ordered the barbecue for Christmas (because, remember, nothing says Christmas like barbecue), which means our May 9 meeting is up to you.

Please bring lots of food: salads, desserts, casseroles, whatever you have stuck away in the freezer that you need to get rid of.   Or you can slave over a hot stove, knowing how much we will appreciate it. Or you can go to Publix. You have great creative leeway in what you bring.

The food aside, the major reason why you need to come on May 9 is our speaker.  I am certain that sometime during the Tallahassee Historical Society’s 85 years, we have had the mayor of Tallahassee speak to us.  Considering how small Tallahassee was 85 years ago, I’m reasonably certain that somewhere along the line a Tallahassee mayor has either been president, or has served on the board.  Still, it’s been a while, maybe a long while.

Mayor John Dailey is a native Tallahassean, friend to a number of our members, and  an appreciation for this community’s heritage and history.  He has already had an interesting first few months and it promises to be more interesting, especially as the city begins to gear up for its bicentennial in 2024, an event your historical society aims to be part of. I hope Mayor Dailey will touch upon that, and some of the ideas the city has for that event; I also hope he will talk about the pleasures and challenges of living here, and the historical legacies that touch us all.  He has a great opportunity here; so do we.

The May 9 meeting will begin at 6 pm; dinner will begin at 6:30, and Mayor Dailey’s address will begin at 7.  As they chanted when another Mayor Daley made the news half a century ago, “The whole world is watching.”

Please come to our May 9 meeting and welcome Mayor John Dailey and his wife, Virginia.  Please feel free to bring a guest!  The meeting will be held at a private residence so we are keeping the address a secret and asking those who plan to attend to RSVP using the following form, by May 2.  The meeting location and directions will be emailed to those who R.S.V.P.

Y’all come.

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Andy Wright, Treasurer
Doug Smith, Past President
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