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February 9: “The Fort at Prospect Bluff”
Speaker: Dale Cox, author and researcher

Thursday, February 9, 2023, 5:30 reception; 6:00 PM program
The Theater, Mission San Luis, 2100 West Tennessee Street

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Food for the February meeting is sponsored by Bob and Marjorie Holladay.

The deadliest cannon shot in American history was fired at the “Negro Fort” at Prospect Bluff on Florida’s Apalachicola River on July 27, 1816. The resulting explosion killed more than 270 men, women, and children, and destroyed the largest free black settlement in North America. Dale Cox’s book The Fort at Prospect Bluff is a remarkable look at this shocking episode of American history. The author digs deep into the letters, documents, eyewitness accounts, and military reports to tell the story with more depth and clarity than ever before. This book tells an amazing story of Native Americans fighting to preserve their lands, Maroons (escaped slaves) making a desperate stand to protect their freedom, U.S. and British troops confronting each other during the War of 1812, and a shocking attack and its bloody aftermath.

About the Speaker

Dale Cox is a story-teller with a yen for Northwest Florida history. He’s a publisher. He’s got his own TV channel, Two Egg TV. Despite his prodigious output, he seems to exemplify the idea that history is too important to be left to the academicians. He likes to relate Florida history both in print and in person. His February appearance at the Tallahassee Historical Society is one of many that he is making as the pandemic gradually lifts. His book, The Fort at Prospect Bluff and the Battle of Negro Fort was published in January of 2020, mere weeks before the Covid swept over us. You might say his promotional tour is a tad overdue, no fault of his own. With his easy-going manner, and love of the visual, it’s easy to overlook the scholarship that goes into his books, but it’s there.  He is a very serious person, and we are pleased that he will be speaking to us on February 9.

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