For People Interested in the History of Tallahassee

Founded in 1933, the Tallahassee Historical Society, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) organization that welcomes individuals who enjoy learning about and sharing state and local history. Evening meetings on the second Thursday from October to April offer programs by experts on topics ranging from history and culture to architecture, archeology, and preservation. In May, members gather for a festive picnic. The society also schedules daytime lectures and partners with other organizations to present special events. Every activity features stimulating conversation and rewarding fellowship.


The THS website contains an assortment of information about our organization, meeting information, local activities and events of a historic nature, announcements, and research interests of members. It includes a short history of our society and the location of our archives. We are actively involved in partner relationships, referrals and maintain contact information to other organizations with similar goals in preservation and sharing of historical information.

If you have any questions, check our organization’s FAQ.

If you are interested in history, please join us.

David Lang, Jr.
President, 2014-2016
Tallahassee Historical Society

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Dr. Mary Glowacki


Dr. Jim Dunbar

Our Mission

To foster a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the history of Tallahassee, Leon County, and surrounding areas.

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Tallahassee Historical Society at Word of South

Saturday and Sunday, April 13 + 14 at Cascades Park
The Tallahassee Historical Society is pleased to participate in this year’s Word of South Festival. The Festival, held in Cascades Park, is a celebration of literature and music, and THS is proud to contribute some local history to the mix! THS will have a tent and a variety of programs and panels throughout the weekend.

Save the date and watch for more details here, in upcoming editions of the newsletter, and on our Facebook page.

March Meeting

Thursday, March 14, 6:30 p.m. | Gov. John W. Martin House, 1001 Desoto Park Drive, Tallahassee
On March 14, the Tallahassee Historic Society will be pleased to welcome archaeologists Dr. Mary Glowacki and Dr. Jim Dunbar who will be speaking on and answering questions pertaining to illicit digging, illicit collecting and Archaeology in the state of Florida. Their presentation will address the issue of illicit digging and the collection and sale of artifacts from archaeological sites in North and Central Florida. It outlines the problems of site protection, and specifically, sites stewarded by the State. The presenters discuss how these problems evolved and the future trajectory of site preservation in Florida.

Officers and Board Members

Bob Holladay, President
Marjorie Holladay, Vice President
Nina Gonzalbez, Secretary

Andy Wright, Treasurer
Doug Smith, Past President
Brendan Crellin, Webmaster

Dave Lang, At-Large
Claude Kenneson, At-Large
Beth McGrotha, At-Large