Approved Minutes for May 16, 2015 THS Meeting

by | Jul 4, 2015

May 16, 2015 Annual Picnic and Election Meeting of the Tallahassee Historical Society

This year’s picnic was held on a day of good weather, in the yard of President Dave Lang, on his and Mary Alma’s 1829 farm northeast of Tallahassee. Rabbi Stanley Garfein led a prayer before we started eating. After much tasty food was consumed and many histories exchanged, Dave called the business part of the meeting to order. Dave thanked the Board for all their work this past year. He mentioned that we had several good programs this year, including Vice President Diane Whitney‘s performance at Knott House, Bill Leseman’s lesson on the history of Tallahassee’s WaterWorks, Mary May’s presentation on a lesser-known history of African Americans in Tallahassee; somebody added that Dave did a good presentation on the Leon County Courthouse as well. David reminded us of the record turnout for the Sims murders program (which overflowed the City Council Chambers), and he looks forward to more programs like that in coming years.

The minutes of the April meeting were approved. The treasurer’s report mentioned that after the previous balance of $4,174.16, $160 in dues was deposited, minus $30.41 for buying checks, leaving a balance of $4,303.75.

We heard about progress on getting the WaterWorks building for The Museum of Tallahassee History from Mary May and Dave Lang. They met with the City’s Community Redevelopment Agency’s Executive Director Roxanne Manning. Mary was directed to go see other Departments all over the City. The City has plans, but nobody has moved in yet. They advise that we think small for now, using one of several small buildings available near Cascades on Gaines. Plan budgets on a small scale. Dave is more optimistic. COCA had their eye on the building after we announced our interest in December. Dave thinks that COCA now wants the old Coca Cola plant on S Monroe instead. Alva asked if a committee will start a plan? Dave asked Jay Revell of Downtown Tallahassee, and Roger Crawford of Springtime Tallahassee, and asked that we all come up with more suggestions for folks to sit on a community committee. We need an archivist and architect and grant writer. We also need clout. And we can work over the summer even though our membership won’t meet until October. First we answer: will we have a history museum? If so, then where? For Tallahassee’s 2024 bicentennial, we want to be there and near Cascades.

New business: Claude Kenneson read the candidates from the nominating committee. Dave Lang for President again, Diane Whitney for Vice-president again, Romas Sparkis for new Secretary and Alva Stone for Treasurer again. Claude will be Past-President again (or President for Life, as suggested by Dave) Lynn McLarty is a new candidate for At-Large Board Member as is Maurice Majszak. Rabbi Stanley Garfein moved we elect the slate and Mary Alma Lang seconded. The officers were elected by acclamation.

Alva announced she has forms for new members, and will take cash or checks for annual dues. Guests who were brought included Tish with Craig Willis. Wade Birch introduced ‘another bride named Rita’, who accompanied him. Dr Will Guzmán said he teaches and brought his bride. Shirley brought her groom. Mary May thanked Dave’s bride for their hospitality and wonderful picnic. There being no further business, dessert ensued.

Minutes drafted by Romas Sparkis,
THS Secretary