Approved Minutes for May 14, 2016 THS Meeting

by | Oct 25, 2016

Minutes for May 14, 2016 THS Annual Business Meeting

Tallahassee Historical Society members and friends began gathering at the farm and home of Mary Alma and David Lang about 4 pm on Saturday, May 14, 2016. Rabbi Stanley Garfein started the meal with a prayer at 5 pm. After we started eating seconds, Mary Alma spoke about the history of the 1829 farm, sharing much family history (too much to mention here, but perhaps in a future article or presentation or an oral history?). The oldest house in Leon County is about 1 mile away. Her grandfather was a progressive farmer, who asked each of the other farmers to try something new each year and report on it. Her Dad ran the grist mill. The Commissary gave candy to her and the other kids. Grandma died in 1968, and gave St Phillips church some of the land. Much of the furnishings went to the Columns. Mary Alma and Dave moved here 30 years ago. “I love that you all come out here and y’all love history.”

President Dave Lang summarized this year’s 6 programs and speakers. He also mentioned the Sims murder program that drew such a large audience in April last year, with speaker Henry Cabbage. Alva Stone (our Facebook Site’s creator and manager) noticed a comment from Henry’s main suspect on our Facebook site, responding to the 3/6/15 meeting posting, where he stated that there is no way he could have done it. The State’s Attorney has been working on this case again since April.

Dave continued, saying that starting the Social time at 6:30 is working well. Romas added that the Not for Profit incorporation for THS is imminent, soon after the new officers are determined today [the Tallahassee Historical Society, Inc was incorporated on 5/23/16]. The Institute for Nonprofit Innovation and Excellence (INIE) is getting a Starbucks into the Brogan Museum, and INIE will give THS $500 to present 4 programs this summer, during the exhibit of Alvin Harper photos, 1885-1910. A new logo and brochure design are headed by Lynn McLarty. Andrew Waber is our new webmaster, and is planning an online academic journal on our website. We want to include oral histories to be published in the journal. We have online museum projects planned too, which should be presentable in 3 months. Videos of meetings from Maurice have been discussed with Andrew for posting online.

The Museum of Tallahassee and Leon County History is moving along, and THS becoming a 501(c)(3) will help. A survey is coming this summer in the mail, so don’t put it aside. Mary May mentioned that a group of THS members is working to develop a small traveling exhibit composed of photos and maps that depict the history of Tall/Leon County. As a nonprofit, we can start applying for grants to fund the exhibit.

Treasurer Alva Stone reported on the Treasury status since the 4/14/16 meeting. The balance was $5,338.79 last month, adding income of $190 from membership dues, and subtracting expenses of $49.10 for refreshments and $24.84 to maintain our web domain name for 2 more years through GoDaddy, leaves a balance of $5,454.85 today. Those who want to become new members can see me after the meeting.

Romas asked for acceptance of the March meeting minutes as amended; Mary Alma Lang moved and Rabbi Stanley Garfein seconded. Romas said the April minutes were only emailed this week, so please email me any changes by the end of May, when they will be considered accepted as amended.

Diane Whitney presented the slate of candidates who are willing to serve as officers this coming year:

President — David Lang

Vice President — Will Guzman

Treasurer — Alva Stone

Secretary — Bill Gladwin

Member at Large & Immediate Past President — Claude Kenneson

Member at Large — Diane Whitney

Member at Large — Doug Smith

Bill Gladwin is traveling and cannot be here today. Marti Pytel moved and Romas Sparkis seconded to elect the slate as described by Diane. The motion passed. The meeting was then adjourned at 6:08 pm, followed by requests to help finish the remaining foods and desserts.

Notes taken by Romas Sparkis,

THS (Past) Secretary