Approved Minutes for November 10, 2016 THS Meeting

by | Dec 2, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Dave Lang at 7:00 p.m. Visitors were welcomed and asked to introduce themselves. Members of the Wakulla County Historical Society were also welcomed and introduced and students from Professor Guzman’s FAMU class were recognized, as was Katie Harrison from the FSU Law School who made an announcement about a program at the school. A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes of our October Meeting that had been emailed to the membership. Motion was made and seconded that we approve the minutes and the minutes were accepted by those present.

Alva Stone gave the Treasurer’s Report. Our October Balance was $5,299.36. Income from dues was $130.00 and a donation of $50 was made by Terry Isaacson of Tempe, Arizona. Expenses for refreshments and photocopies was $56.06. Postal Service mail box annual rental was $86.00. Postage stamps purchase was $51.70. This left an ending balance of $5,285.60.

Old Business: President Lang updated the membership on the status of the museum progress and noted that the County Administrator advised that he was looking for climate controlled space for THS to store historical artifacts, shelving and display cases, photographs and other items. As for our logo, Noble Sissle, a FAMU art professor recommended by Vice President Will Guzman, had been contacted to work on a new logo for THS. Information was also relayed about THS programs to be presented at INIE in January.

New Business: President Lang announced that Vice President Guzman was changing jobs and moving from Tallahassee, leaving an opening for Vice President, explaining that the Board would be appointing a replacement in the near future. He asked for input from the membership to the board on their suggestions for a replacement. President Lang suggested that our society might be interested in organized field trips to historical sites in our area, and asked if anyone was interested in chairing that project that they contact him or a member of the board.

The speaker for the evening, Andy Wright, was introduced and gave a very entertaining talk entitled, “History Uncovered – The Cemeteries of Leon County”, which was enjoyed by all. His talk was followed by a question and answer period, then the program was concluded. It was announced that our December Meeting would be held on December 8th. It will be Christmas dinner and program at the Old Willis Dairy located on Centerville Road, courtesy of new members Frank and Peper Willis.

Respectfully Submitted,

Doug Smith and Dave Lang, Acting Secretaries