Approved Minutes from October 13, 2016 THS Meeting

by | Jan 12, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President Dave Lang, Jr. Dave asked visitors to introduce themselves. New members Becky Reese and Andy Wright were welcomed.

A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes of our May picnic that had been sent by e-mail. There were no corrections or additions.

Alva Stone gave the Treasurer’s Report

Our May balance was $5,454.85

Income in the summer from new and renewed memberships was $110.00

Expenses for the Christmas get together and May picnic was $265.00.

Current balance is $5,299.36

Old Business

The Tallahassee Historical Society has been incorporated. We are now a 501 3 C corporation and officially known as the Tallahassee Historical Society Incorporated. Our goal is to establish the Museum of Tallahassee/Leon County History. The

attempt to acquire a space for a museum from the city did not pan out. Dave will consult with the county for a site for a headquarters/museum. The Society can now accept tax deductible gifts, artifacts and donations.

The THS is in partnership with INIE in the Alvan Harper Photographic Exhibit now on.

THS member Mary May gave the first program at the Old Brogan Museum last Friday evening. It was a Photographic Tour of Tallahassee in the Gilded Age. Programs will continue through January.

Members who have not yet responded to a Membership Questionaire that had been mailed out earlier were asked to pick one up to give their input and mail it to Dave whose address is on the form.

We will need a new Secretary. Bill Gladwin is unable to take the position. Are there any volunteers? No response from audience.

The THS Board is working on a new logo. The old one is of the Brokaw-McDougall House. Hopefully we will have one by next month.


Before the meeting a man donated to us 2 Iowa College annuals and a scrapbook originally belonging to a football player at the Air Force Academy. Since the meeting Dave has located the son of the original owner and they will be mailed to him.

Andrew Waber—our webmaster has recently changed jobs from the Grove to the R.A. Gray Building and had to take care of his ill father. Hopefully he will be soon able to get back to work on the website.

Forts, Flags, Artifacts will take place at Fort St. Marks on Saturday Oct. 22. THS unable to participate.

Dave Lang introduced Matt Lutz, Records Manager in the City Treasurer-Clerk’s Office. His talk, “The History of Tallahasee through City Records,” described his work to preserve the records of the municipal government in the City Archives. He described the original artifacts and how the digitized versions will be preserved for future generations. Several chronological inventories of city agencies, including elected and appointed officials, from the time Tallahassee was first chartered in 1825 have been created through Dorothy Dodd’s research that appeared in the Apalachee Quarterly, Volume 3 as well as from historical Tallahassee newspapers.

After the talk members were invited to ask the speaker questions.

Meeting was adjourned.