History of Apalachee

Shortly after the creation of the Tallahassee Historical Society in 1933, members decided that the organization needed a publication. Beginning in 1934, a series of four typed Annuals was printed, containing historical articles, reviews and vignettes, primarily based on talks at our meetings. In addition to 1934, Annuals were produced in 1935, 1937, and 1939. Exactly why the Annuals ceased publication is unclear, but almost immediately plans were underway to create something new. It took five years for the first issue of Apalachee to roll off the presses. On the back of the first issue, dated 1944, appears this:

In Apalachee, the Tallahassee Historical Society presents its publication in a new format and under a new title. The title is taken from the pre-Columbian Indian name of the region between the Aucilla and the Ochlockonee Rivers, of which Tallahassee is the center. Previous publications of the Society, in 1934, 1935, 1937, and 1939, appeared in mimeographed form as the Tallahassee Historical Society Annual. It is planned to publish Apalachee biennially.

The first issue of Apalachee contains papers read before the Society between October, 1938, and May, 1942. Many of our programs have consisted of informal talks, and, in a few instances, papers have been published, or are to be found, elsewhere.


Tallahassee Historical Society, 1944

While, for a good part of its existence, Apalachee was indeed published every other year, there were often longer gaps between publication (1957-1962; 1971-1979). The last issue of Apalachee covered the years 1991-1996.

After 27 years, Apalachee is being published once again. New print issues of Apalachee are now available for our paid membership; join us at our monthly meetings to pick up your copy!

Stay tuned as we make digital copies available to all right here on our website!

Cover of the 1946 edition of Apalachee

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